A transformative 5 days immersion into the great mystery of the Woman Cycle and ancient knowledge of the Feminine authentic essence.

•   3th to 7th June 2020  • 

in sacred beautiful Antalya, Turkey

This retreat is a call for women of all lineages, countries and backgrounds to come together in sacred circle and soulful communion in order to heal, awaken, activate and empower each other into their highest potential and embodiment.



We believe in our inner knowledge and intuition as cyclical beings.

Women know! and we deserve to RE-Embody our feminine power and potential!

Rediscover your own nature.

Menstruation Cycle Awareness is the foundation of Soulful Womanhood and you’re going to use it everyday as a guide life to illuminate the essence of what it means to Be a Woman. 

It is simply a better comprehension on how our body, brain and soul work to embrace the life we deserve.

Understanding the woman cyclic nature allows us to be more conscious about our abilities and optimal moments to take actions and rests to build harmony in our relationship, business, health, sexuality and life goals. By taking actions at the right time and using peak time abilities and talents, we arise and feel connected to ourself. 

Here you find a methodology and secrets carefully chosen about how to become a body-literate, develop a cycle awareness and  manage your time efficiently to sustain the connection to your Inner Woman on the daily, in accordance to your potential phases. 

Learn your rythm biology.

Something so powerful has been hidden from women that, if we knew about, could be life-changing and world-changing. 

Within the menstrual cycle, we have a natural process of life-coaching when it is understood will guide you to clarify your prupose and take the best decisions. 

Nature shows us the normal stages of change: the cycle of activities and reste and women follow the same dynamic. It is our inherent nature to embrace change based around ovulation and menstruation phases, and the changes in hormones at and between the two phases.


Hormones are chemical messengers released from endocrine glands that travel through the blood system to influence the nervous system and regulate our cognitive function, physical and emotional processing. That means our natural expression and abilities gradually change throughout the month. 

When we adjust our thinking, look for our cyclic energies, and plan to meet our needs and best use our talents, something amazing happens –we create happiness and wellbeing. We find success, meet our work goals and live our life dreams.

Learn and understand what happen organically with hormones in our brain and uterus, how to recognize phases and transitions, what are the benefits of each phases and how to take care of us and what to be careful of.

- What is the Woman Cycle?

- What use is the menstrual cycle for?

- How to recognize the different phases?

- What are the tools to use to help yourself?

- What are your abilitites and how you can integrate them and use them at their best time?

- How can we take advantage of our cycle?

- How to deal with PMS and endometriose?

- How can we buil success and confidence kwowing our cycle? 

- How can we have fluent transition from puberty, fertility to menopause?

- How can we teach our daughters to have better relationship with their cycles?

- How to organise your agenda? 

- How to be more productive listening your cycle?

- How can you nurture and nurish yourself in connection to your biology?

- How to create pleasurable cycles?

Develop your own medicine.

When a woman’s energy flowers, she radiates an irresistible inner beauty attuned to the heartbeat of the planet. 

Every day discover the practice of  Sufi Whirling Dance, Morning Movements and Evening Meditation Sessions chosen carefully to embracing and embodying more of the real true inner you.

Sufi whirling is a form of active meditation that is originated from the Sufi dervishes and the great poem Rumi back in the 13th century. The spiritual intention is loosening the material self, abandoning one’s ego and personal desires and reaching God.

Nowadays, this ritual is being interpreted by dancers around the world. The dance flows in a repetitive spinning motion, creating beautiful visuals with the dancer’s body and skirts. The anticlockwise spinning motion also imitates the planets in the Solar system orbiting the Sun.

During the whirling ceremonies, Buket will give you some important information and tips for making this experience as beautiful as possible, creating a safe space for you to express yourself and to reach a different emotional state through conscious breathing, repetitive movement, and enchanting music. 

Every morning will be held early in the to start our days in the best possible mindset with movements practice. The sessions will include different forms of movement to open up to body and mind, to learn to bend but not break, and to improve our resilience in everyday lives. The sessions will include different forms of movement in order to prepare us to flow as easy and intentional as possible for the rest of the day. Not only will we find joy and ease in our bodies but we will also leave the space with new information about different practices such as yoga, animal flow, creative movement, and kinesiological stretching as well as the science behind them. 


To close the day around sunset, we will have guidance meditation and mantras sessions to integrate the practice and learning of the day.

Nourish your self with healthy vegan lovely food.

The events are fully catered by the amazing TADAH kitchen team. The food at the retreat, much of which comes from the beautiful TADAH garden itself, is a vegetarian feast mixing traditional Turkish with international cuisine which looks amazing and is unbelievably tasty! Really the food needs a retreat of its own!

Blissful healing sanctuary.

The TADAH site is a treat in itself. 24hr access to the beautiful glass walled training space which boosts high ceilings, mirrors and wooden dance flooring! Swim in the natural pool, lie on the sun deck or read your book on a swinging chair in the garden. TADAH has been put together with love and you will find surprises of all sorts hidden in the gardens.

TADAH is situated in the Antalya area of Turkey and during the week you will get the opportunity to see some of the beautiful surroundings. Walk/trek along a stunning canyon and wander through ancient ruins!  We will also be visiting a local hammam to experience the Turkish baths and for massages. 



Theory & Practice


by day


Dance & Yoga


by day


Rituals & Intitiations



Women Circles


by day

Live your femininity with consciousness and serenity.

Learning the 4 phases Menstrual cycle


Organising your Agenda with your Menstrual Cycle


Sufi Whirling Dance


Daily Women Circles


Yoni Eggs Initiations


Sacred Womb Ceremonies


Daily Yoga Movement Flow


Daily guidance Meditation & Mantras


Acess natural swimming pool 24/24


vegetarian homemade fresh and local organic food




Price is 750 € all included

Payment Plan is possible 3 monthly payments of 265€ (Total cost = 795€)

EARLYBIRD PRICE available until November 15 = 690 € 

Payment Plan is possible 3 monthly payments of  240€ (Total cost = 720€)

The price includes everything (Transfer Antalya-Tadah; workshop, ceremonies, women circle; shared bedroom; swimmingpool and vegeterian food).

All payments coming from Euro accounts (EUR), UK (GBP), USA (USD) or Australian (AUD) accounts can be made using direct bank transfer thanks to Transferwise’s amazing Borderless accounts. No need for you to sign up to anything. The payments can be transferred directly and immediately. This saves both you and us on costly bank currency conversion fees as well as being fast and secure 🙂

Not Included in the price

- Flight to Antalya

- Alcool

- souvenir shopping when we will go for the excursion.  Please bring a small amount of Euros/Turkish Lira spending money.


Meet the instructors

We Know! and We Believe!

in our inner knowledge intuition as cyclical beings.

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